Application ought to be founded on the correct comprehension of the section. So sufficient time ought to be committed to perception and translation. Application is the objective of Bible study for example womens bible study. Perception and the translation should lead you to application. The sacred text is given to give data as well as to achieve change in our lives.

“What troubles me about the Bible are not the segments I don’t see but rather what I do comprehend and don’t comply.” (Mark Twain).

The inquiries given beneath will assist you with applying the sacred writing in your own life. However, remember that you may not discover the answer to all the inquiries in an entry.

1.Is there any reality to accept? Note from the sacred writing segment identified with this announcement

2.Is there any order to comply? Note it from the part with respect to what Lord says.

3.Is there any guide to follow? There are numerous models in the sacred writing to follow. In light of the occasion we need to stand firm for the Lord.

4.Is there any transgression to admit? Assess our life and admit every one of our imbalances before the Savior.

5.Is there any guarantee to guarantee? There are groups of guarantees which we need to guarantee.

6.How do the realities in the section identify with my life, work, family, neighbors, church and society

– Write down what you will do about what you have found from this section.

– Respond to God in petition, looking for the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

– Obey.