When it comes to your home, nothing is more important than security. Afterall, your home is the one place where you feel the safest and nothing should compromise that feeling. But sometimes we take security for granted; we do careless things such as leaving our doors open, trusting our neighbours too much or forgetting to lock our gates that puts our safety at risk. Properties such as g residence kuala lumpur property for salepantai hillpark for sale and seni mont kiara property for sale will have proper safety for their residents.

There are several ways you can protect your home against robbers, intrusions or even fire. Read on to find out the steps you can take to make your home more secure.

Don’t Let Your Absence Be Known
Make sure your house appears occupied at all times. If you plan on taking a vacation and leaving your place vacant for some time, do not announce it beforehand. Avoid posting status updates, uploading pictures from the airport or posting about your trip on social media, as this may alert potential thieves that your house is empty.

Instead, use timers to manage your light switches so you feel safer about coming home. If you are gone on extended leave, have a trusted friend or neighbour stop by your house every once in a while to pick up the mail and do a general check up. Do not turn your house keys over to a cleaner or housekeeper unless you are absolutely sure that they are trustworthy or sent by a reputable firm whom you can report back to. In fact, you should also be aware if you are planning on putting up your house for sale, and avoid putting up advertisements such as EkoCheras property for sale before you have already removed all your belongings

Do Not Give Thieves an Advantage
Make sure to remove any tall trees and trim any large bushes near your front door or windows that may be obstructing the view as this can be used as a potential hiding spot for robbers. Make sure no windows are broken, and consider installing shatter proof glass, or glass break sensors for your windows so that you can be immediately alerted if anyone attempts to break a window to enter. Do not leave any tools or hardware outside which can be used to break in, or ladders and stools which can be used to climb to an upper window.

Up Your Front Door
Thieves tend to avoid being in the spotlight, so if your front door or even back door for that matter are obscured in darkness, chances are thieves are more likely to try to enter. So make sure to add plenty of outdoor lighting around your home, and make them even more secure by installing motion sensors, and adding timers so that even if you are away, your house lights are always on. You can even invest in solar lights to conserve energy. Properties like g residence kl room for rentseni mont kiara condo property for rentpantai hillpark phase 2, and pantai hillpark bangsar sale  will surely have a well-lit front door!

Install an Alarm System
No house should be without an effective alarm system. However, you also have to remember to set your alarm properly so that it can alert the police immediately in case of a break in. Having a system will ensure complete security for your home as thieves tend to keep away from houses if they see an alarm already set up.